Bulgarian ICT Sector Profile

Септември 30, 2009 от Анонимен

The steady growth in the figures in the sector will continue and so will the expertise of the professionals. One important tendency not shown in the figures is the specialization of the companies in Bulgaria. Only a few years ago teams were forming around tasks coming form the partners abroad, whereas the small companies now are growing, specializing, managing their own portfolios and even looking beyond Bulgaria’s borders for skilled labor, and for company growth. Not only have the managerial capabilities in the sector as a whole grown, but a state of the art quality standards have been introduced, such as CMMI, IT Mark and more from the European Software Institute – Regional Center in Bulgaria.

Two governments already have pointed out ICT as a priority sector. This has not materialized so far in any concrete action on the government’s behalf, but at the same time the business community has really acted as a true leader: self-organizing the national strategy for development, elaborating messages and presenting Bulgarian ICT sector abroad, creating innovative organizations such as the ICT Cluster etc.

If we look at the direction for development that the Bulgarian ICT sector is having: from quickly reformulating its ex-comecon status to a trusted partner for outsourced tasks, then from pure outsourcing to more elaborate partnering and product development, and now to full-grown healthy market companies, one might wonder what’s next… What we see is more and more regional collaboration, which will continue and even intensify in the future, hopefully unobstructed by Bulgaria’s EU entry. Another positive trend which will continue is the return of well-educated Bulgarians, a.k.a. brain-gain. Infrastructure is improving, not at the initially foreseen speed, but still the investment in broadband infrastructure for the schools and citizens is inevitable. Finally, on a notso- positive note, the labor market constraints will continue to present themselves, but as mentioned before the business community is developing some possible remedies for this set of problems. If we need to characterize the priorities for development in the ICT area with one phrase that would be: Public-Private Partnership, PPP in all areas: from the qualitative dialogue during policy formation, through the joint policy implementation in a true extended PPP to even simple collaboration in the presentation of Bulgaria at international forums and events. PPP is not a simple task and although we’ve made some progress, where is still a lot to do. It’s along process that requires constant investment of time and effort on behalf of the active members of the business community, but we believe that Bulgaria has firmly stepped on that road and hope to continue with a good pace on it.

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