ERP.BGOptimized BI Module for Touchscreen Interfaces

Март 4, 2013 от itFORUM

Bulgarian software company ERP.BG present a new module for BI (Business Intelligence), which is part of ERP system EnterpriseOne, developed by the company. It will be available in the new version of EnterpriseOne.

Upgraded Business Intelligence module includes two important changes. Firstly, BI functionality of a standalone module is becoming an integrated environment, spread across the ERP system. This allows the system to be integrated directly for use in the operational processes of the company, which changes the whole concept of the use of business intelligence and converts them from a tool used primarily post factum to a powerful tool for analysis in real time.

"The integrated BI module gives companies key advantages over traditional concept of added separately Business Intelligence system. With the new module, various team members can see much more adequate business analyses relevant to their specific activity without delay of information," explained Ivan Argentinski, manager of ERP.BG.

BI functions are available contextually in all other modules of the system and are visualized in many different ways, depending on the specific needs of the user.

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