Implementation of KONTO MS (BENZ) in Opet/Aygaz Bulgaria EAD

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Company:dWare Ltd.

Implementing organization:Opet/Aygas Bulgaria; Petrol stations

I. Project

Implementation of information system Konto MS (Benz) for the petrol stations and Head Office of Opet/Aygaz Bulgaria EAD.

The implementing stages:

  • Definition of the specific requirements of the organization towards the system
  • Analyzing of business processes flow in Opet/Aygaz Bulgaria EAD
  • Definition of the specific parameters of installation
  • Preparation of implementation schedule
  • Staff training
  • Installation and fine tuning of the system

II. Who is Opet/Aygaz Bulgaria EAD?

Opet/Aygaz Bulgaria EAD was established in July 2003 with the combined efforts of OPET and AYGAZ – the two biggest power companies in the structure of Koch Holding.

After long and profound research of the software solutions for petrol stations available on the Bulgarian market, Opet/Aygaz chose dWare’s system Konto MS (Benz).

The implementation of the system on the first site of the company was in April 2004 in Sofia. Now 17 petrol stations and all fuel warehouses work with Konto MS (Benz).

III. Customer requirements and dWare solutions.

Petrol and gas pumps by different producers operate simultaneously at one site (station)

Konto MS (Benz) controls different types of petrol pumps and it allows:

  • Up to 16 pumps working together and up to 8 of them produced by different vendors
  • Possibilities for status management of the pumps by the user and choice of the working mode – single or automatic.


Konto MS (Benz) provides possibility for registering different types of payments: cash; discount cards, loyalty cards; bank cards, controlling user defined limits of all kind of cards.

Operations in the back office – deliveries, internal turnover, composing invoices on the base of cash vouchers, cards’ payments, correction of errors made at cashier desk.

Konto MS (Benz) offers a possibility for entry of all kinds of supply documents. It processes the shift of goods between the sites issuing reports on receipt, reports on delivery, reports on receipt-delivery, waste.

Konto MS (Benz) gives a possibility for issuing invoices based on fiscal receipts for more than fuel filling.

Automatically generates invoices for the registered card payments (fillings) on monthly base.

Gives possibility for correction of cashdesk errors during the sale.

Fuels – requests, deliveries, reports and tracking the quantity of fuel left with the tank level measurement system.

The system allows fuel delivery and sales at the same time.

Inventory control on fuels and goods

Konto MS (Benz) offers a possibility for everyday inventory control of fuels and goods. It compares the in-system data and the one from the tank level measurement system.

Inventory control can be performed with a hand-held terminal or notebook.

Happy Hour – in specific days or hours the goods in the shop can be purchased with discount.

Konto MS (Benz) supports a flexible set of promotions – in particular the Happy Hour promotion. The promotion can be active for one or several sites for selected goods. The discount can be defined in percentage or value.

Restaurant – processing of activities in restaurant, canteen, café.

The system supports daily menus, specification of recipes, calculations and automatic writing out of materials.

Cards – management of clients and cards.

Konto MS (Benz) provides the following general options for card processing:

  • Possibility for specifying a minimal period between two fillings with the same card.
  • Possibility for specifying individual customer price lists.
  • Possibility for specifying different limits - for amounts, litres in defined period and time limits; automatic or manual card blocking on limit expiration.
  • Possibility for specifying on card level purchasing type of particular fuel, all fuels and type of goods.
  • On-line authorization.

Communications and data consolidation from the sites in the Head Office

dWare offered data transfer which would not depend on carrying media; real time communications; definition of transfer priorities; data encryption; control and tracking of the data transfer.

Automatic accounting, Cash, Bank, Fixed Assets.

Flexible system bounding all documents with specific accounting system, automatic accounting and book keeping of documents, working with Bulgarian and foreign bank charts of accounts, automatic writing out.

The system produces all checkups required by law – VAT registers of purchases and sales, Balance sheet, Revenue-cost report, General ledger. It provides a possibility for viewing rich set of operational and management reports.

Staff training.

All people working with the system have passed courses in the dWare training center.

Refreshing courses are organized regularly on the client spot as well as trainings on new system functionalities.

IV. How the functionality of the system was developed along with the business expansion?

As the company grew a need for development of system functionality arose:

  • Development of Web report of sales paid with cards, requested by the top management.
  • Subsystem Bonus points – collection and exchange of points against fuel and goods.
  • Subsystem Promotions – specialized module defining different conditions of a promotion, automatically managed by the system.
  • Development of different types of management reports.
  • Web application for card activation from the sites in the main database.
  • Entry food control Register.
  • Management of excise and tax warehouses.
  • Stock out control in tanks.
  • On-line check of bonus points.
  • ... and all the updates due to changes of the Bulgarian Law.

V. Collaboration and operational services

  • Support 24/7.
  • Remote support with the module Konto On-line Support.
  • Staff training and refreshing courses in the dWare training center and on the client spot.
  • Regular workshop meetings aimed to optimization of the activities and development of system functionality.
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