MTITC Announced a Tender to Build a Platform for Electronic Identification with Fund up to BGN 12M

Февруари 26, 2012 от admin

Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) announced a public procurement for main activities under the project "Improvement of administrative service to customers by building on the central e-government systems." The project is worth almost BGN 12M and funded by the Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity", financed by the EU. This is the second major project in the field of e-governance, which is financed by European funds and implemented by MTITC.

The implementation ofelectronic identification of all Bulgarian citizens is one of the main tasks of the project. The system must allow to be connected with those in the European Union systems for the identification as European citizens’ card and European health insurance card.

One of the activitiesof the project is associated with development of a platform for text messaging (SMS) between the system of e-government and citizens and businesses. Through it, the administration will send notification and reminder SMS messages and will provide real-time statistics for transactions.

Will also be created acentralized system for public consultation as a mechanism for democratic oriented decisions making wich will involve citizens and businesses.

The documentationis divided into eight lots:

№ 1.“Creation of a register of electronic identity of users” with maximum value of BGN 2,022,733.33 without VAT;

№ 2: "Building on the integrated environment for electronic document exchange and integration of central document system" with up to BGN 1,318,950.00 excluding VAT;

№ 3: "Building a centralized system for monitoring and management of information security and interoperability. Upgrading of the national eGovernment portal as single point of contact" up to BGN 2,024,178.50 excluding VAT;

№ 4:"Development of a central system for mobile notification and information activity for citizens and business" up to BGN 777,233.33 excluding VAT;

№ 5: "Building a centralized and integrated in the administrations system of democratically oriented decision-making with the participation of citizens and business" – up to BGN 1,474,700.00 excluding VAT;

№ 6: "Centralized system for communications and hardware infrastructure management through the application of modern technologies, platforms and consolidation through virtualization" – up to BGN 774,616.67 excluding VAT;

№ 7: "Developing a unified requirements to storage for particularly sensitive information in accordance with the requirements for interoperability and information security" – up to BGN 753,750.00 excluding VAT;

№ 8: "Evaluation and Quality Control" – BGN 354,66.67 excluding VAT

Offers will be accepted within 52 days.

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